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EWB 2011 alumnae making their mark on Indian tourism market

11 Sep 2012:

When they attended the EWB 2011 conference, student delegates Sanchit Malik and Ish Jindal never thought the experience would lead them towards an entrepreneurial success story in India.

As a result of attending the conference in March 2011, and the networks that were opened up after meeting so many like-minded students, the pair set to work on their tourist-oriented business, Padhaaro, which has been billed as the first “welcome visitor” program of its kind in India.

Padhaaro was started by a group of young, passionate travel enthusiasts who are slowly trying to change the way tourists experience India. “We want to make your experience in India more enjoyable by being your hosts. Our effort is directed towards becoming your hosts right from the time you plan your trip, to the time you depart,” the duo said.

And due to their hard work interest in Padhaaro is steadily growing and the duo have now been selected to join the for prestigious Startup Leadership program. “The results have been just awesome so far,” Sanchit said.

Sanchit added that the connections they made at EWB 2011 were invaluable. “It has helped me not just in intangible ways but I have been able to team up with a delegate from EWB and have started a project of my own”, he said.

“Now we look back and realize that it has been possible just because of our association through EWB. We wish to thank you for everything. We have come a long way now and look forward to taking Padhaaro to great heights and change the whole scenario of Indian tourism.”

The pair said the concept for the business came about as they believed India was suffering from an image problem with tourists. “Almost everyone we spoke to wanted to visit India, but thought the cities were too unsafe, diverse, and tough to roam around freely. We wanted the world to know India as we do: a great nation with diverse cultures, religious places to visit, fun places to dine, and friendly residents who go out of their way to make an out-of-towner feel welcome,” Sanchit said.

Padhaaro has been featured on leading Indian national newspaper “Hindustan Times” and it has also been featured on “”, India’s biggest website for business ideas. India’s best Hindi newspaper “Dainik Bhaskar” is expected to publish a story about them in the near future.

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