Education Without Borders 2015

World Student Organizing Committee (WSOC)

One of the main objectives of Education Without Borders is to create a global network of empowered change agents. The World Student Organizing Committee is a group of students recruited from all over the world to market, plan, and recruit for the conference.

WSOC Members 2013

Philip Wolfe

PhD student at MIT, USA

Philip is currently studying a PhD in Aeronautics & Astronautics at MIT. He completed a BSc in Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Duke University and was awarded the degree Magna Cum Laude with Distinction.

He was a winner of the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge and a finalist in the MIT Clean Energy Prize. In 2011 he led the inaugural Energy Fellows program as part of the MIT Energy Conference, which helped 40 students from local under-performing schools attend a week-long program on energy and professional development. He is the co-founder of Safer Water World, a water quality testing & awareness program which is aimed at developing affordable water quality testing equipment.

Aleksandra Kotwica

PhD student at Cambridge University, UK

Aleksandra is currently studying a PhD in Physiology (Type II Diabetes in Tibet) at Cambridge University. She earned a BSc (Pharmacology Honours) from the University of Edinburgh.

She is presently the University of Cambridge Graduate Union Treasurer and Event Supervisor, where she is responsible for administrating the finances of 12,000 student members as well as supervising the preparation of Union accounts for audit and presentation to the Council.

Maryam Torshizi

PhD student at Oxford University, UK

Maryam is currently studying her DPhil in Engineering Sciences. Previously, she completed her Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at Kings College London.

She is currently the Graduate International Officer of the Oxford University Student Union and was previously the Vice President of Oxford Entrepreneur Society and the Vice President of Oxford Engineers without Borders. She speaks fluent Persian.

Melissa Rohde

Master’s student at Stanford University, USA

Melissa is currently studying her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. Prior to this, she earned a Master’s degree with distinction in Water Science, Policy and Management at the University of Oxford. She also holds a BSc (Honours) in Biology & Oceanography from the University of British Columbia. She is presently the Project Leader of Engineers for a Sustainable World at Stanford University. Previously she was the Chief Science Leader of a 2010 Himalayas Expedition by British Schools Exploring Society in the Himalayas.

Ryan Bartlett

Undergraduate student at Dublin University, Ireland

Ryan is currently studying his BA (Honours) in Theoretical Physics at Dublin University. He is expected to complete the degree in 2013. Last year he worked as the President of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union and as a result is a member of the University Council.

Stephanie Shaw

PhD student at University of Toronto, Canada

Stephanie is currently working on her PhD in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto. She has a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders from Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah and a BSc in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology from BYU.

She is a current University of Toronto Connaught Scholar. She is also on the sub-committees for the City of Toronto’s “International Student Festival” and “At-Home-In-Toronto”.

Jamie Li

Master’s student at HCT, UAE – from Shanghai International Studies University, China

Jamie is currently studying a Master’s degree in Cultural and Creative Industries at HCT, Abu Dhabi. She holds a Bachelor of Arabic Literature from the Shanghai International Studies University. She is also the UAE Representative of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Kumbirai Gundani

Master’s student at University of Cape Town, South Africa

Kumbirai is currently studying a Master’s degree in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management student at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Previously he completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Statistics) at UCT. He is the co-founder and MD of a technology start-up company called Afrocom Holdings.

David Wong

Undergraduate student at National University of Singapore, Singapore

David is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He is presently a Student Ambassador at the University’s Tembusu College. He acted as the NUS Head Delegate at the 2012 Harvard World Model United Nations and this year he was awarded the NUS Student Achievement Award for Distinguished Leadership.

Salma Aboul-Ela

Design Teaching Assistant at Al Hosn University, UAE

Salma is currently working as a Teaching Assistant for all design studios and architecture Capstone I & II at the Al Hosn University in Abu Dhabi. She obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from the American University in Cairo in 2011. She attended EWB 2007 as a WSOC member.

Laura Howard

Undergraduate student at Deakin University, Australia

Laura is in her final year of a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Deakin University in Australia. She maintains a high GPA and she is a Student Ambassador for Deakin University. She has extensive travel experience in the Australasia region.

Haley Hatch-Dinel

Undergraduate student at McGill University, Canada

Haley is currently studying a Bachelor of Theology at McGill University, Montreal. Having participated in Senate and through her role as V.P. University Affairs for the University’s Student Society (SSMU), she has been extremely involved, at the University governance level, with social and academic issues. She says we study what people believe, why they believe it, and how the script manifests those beliefs.

Manuel Wiese

Undergraduate student at University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Manuel is currently studying a BA in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany. He is a member of the student parliament of the University of Applied Sciences.

He has had a wide range of business internships and experiences both before and during his studies, including logistics areas with Lufthansa Technik Inc in Hamburg.

Shehab Al Hashmi

Undergraduate student at Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Shehab is currently studying for a HD/BAS in Civil Engineering at the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi. He is Vice President of the ADMC Student Union. He is also completing an online Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of the People. In summer 2012 Shehab was a delegate to the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business & Industry in the USA.

Mohammed Khaled

Undergraduate student at Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Mohammed is currently studying for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems (majoring in security and forensics) at the Higher Colleges of Technology’s Abu Dhabi Men’s College and he is in his 2nd year of studies. He is also the Community Relations Representative of the ADMC Student Union, and a student mentor at the College. He has taken on a role as an intern with the Federal Higher Education Mobile Learning Initiative, helping to set up a mentoring system for Foundation students called “iVolunteers”. His interests include developing ways in which students can utilize modern technologies in the classroom and “green IT” solutions.

Ronak Mehta

Undergraduate student at IIT Bombay, India

Ronak is completing his Bachelor of Engineering with a specialization in Electrical Engineering at the IIT, Bombay. He has recently completed a degree in management at IIT, Bombay and was a recipient this year of the prestigious Globalink MITACS Scholarship, which saw him take an internship at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He has also been a Core Group Member of the Horizons Mood Indigo 2010 Festival which is Asia’s largest college festival.

Achille Marchet

Undergraduate student at Ecole de Communication, France

Achille is currently in his first year of a Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the Ecole de Communication, in Lille, France. He is specializing in publicity and marketing. Prior to this he completed a one-year course in European law studies at the Université of Lille’s Institut Catholique de Lille. He is bilingual, speaking French and English.

Jeremiah Schmidt-Robert

Jeremiah Schmidt-Robert

Undergraduate student at MHMK University, Germany

Jeremiah is presently studying a BA in Sports and Event Management at the MHMK University, Berlin, which he plans to finish in 2015. He is fluent in German, English, French and Italian. He was born in Belgium but holds German and American nationalities. Prior to his current studies he undertook schooling in Belgium, Italy and the USA. As part of his bachelor’s degree he is presently undertaking a foreign semester of studies at HCT in Abu Dhabi.

Pilar Martínez Gallego

Master’s student at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain

Pilar is presently studying for a Master’s degree in International Management at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid. This year she completed a double bachelor’s degree in Law/Business and Human & Professional Leadership, which is a bilingual degree. In summer 2011 Pilar was a delegate to the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business & Industry in the USA. She speaks Spanish, English and French and is learning Arabic and Chinese. Since 2006 Pilar has been a volunteer in her local community, looking after mentally ill and severely disabled people.

Fatima Al Nuaimi

Undergraduate student at Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Fatima is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management (in her 4th year at present) at the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi Women’s College. She graduated with a Higher Diploma in June 2011 at the same College. In summer 2011 Fatima was a delegate to the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business & Industry in the USA. She was elected student president of Abu Dhabi Women’s College for 2010-2011. Fatima has also been a Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Scholarship program participant, and in summer 2012 she attended the New York University, USA, where she was awarded a certificate in Global Affairs.

Aysha Kamali

Aysha Kamali

Student at Sheikh Zayed Academy, UAE

Sarah Baka

Sarah Baka

Student at British School Al Khubairat, UAE

Cosmo Fujiyama

Cosmo Fujiyama

Master’s student at New York University, USA

Cosmo is studying for her Master of Public Administration, Specialization in Public and Nonprofit Management (concentration in social entrepreneurship) at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. During the current academic year, Cosmo has been appointed as President of the University’s Bridge Social Innovation Student Organization . She completed her Bachelor of Arts at the College Of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cosmo’s international experience includes being a Fellow at the Foundation for Sustainable Development in Masaya, Nicaragua and a scholar with the Freeman Foundation in Asian Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo. She was also a team leader with the Habitat for Humanity, Global Village Project in Nicaragua, Honduras. Cosmo was the Co-Founder and President of the nonprofit organization Students Helping Honduras, based in El Progreso, Honduras and has had significant involvement with the Dell Social Innovation Challenge. Cosmo is fluent in Japanese and Spanish.

Ayesha Al-Dhaheri

Ayesha Al-Dhaheri

Undergraduate student at Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Ayesha is studying for a Bachelor of Business at HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s College. She is in her 2nd year of a specialization in Financial Management.

She is a college ambassador and the Official Academic Representative of the Women’s College Business major. Ayesha was also named the “Top Outstanding Business Major Student for the 2011-2012 Academic Year” at the College.

Saeed Al Nazari

Saeed Al Nazari

Undergraduate student at Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Saeed is currently studying for his Bachelor in Business Administration – Human Resources at the HCT-Dubai Men’s College.

He has previously completed a Higher Diploma in Business Administration – Human Resources at the Dubai Men’s College. Saeed is a previous scholar in the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program, which is run in conjunction with the New York University.

Saeed has won many business and entrepreneurship awards during his studies and he presently combines his studies with work as a Management Associate, Human Resources with the Noor Islamic Bank, Dubai.

Marwan Al Maazmi

Marwan Al Maazmi

Undergraduate student at Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Marwan is currently studying for a Bachelor degree in Applied Media at the HCT Dubai Men’s College.

He has nurtured his interests in the field of media by gaining experience at a number of high profile events, including being an Ambassador for the Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Academy Youth Media Award.

Sultan Al Dhaheri

Sultan Al Dhaheri

Undergraduate student at Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Sultan is studying his Bachelor of in Electrical Engineering at the HCT- Abu Dhabi Men’s College, which he expects to complete in 2014.

He is a dedicated and conscientious student who is fluent in both Arabic and English.

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