Education Without Borders 2015

The Open Curriculum Project

Presenter: Varun Arora
Carnegie Mellon University


Theme: Education: Enhancing access, ensuring success


A large number of technology initiatives for education and development such as the One Laptop Per Child project have been unable to deliver very well due to many major factors, one of which being limited and low-quality K-12 e-textbook content for local curriculum, despite the abundance of irrelevant information on the Internet. Sadly, even schools in developed regions of the world continue to disappoint best education practitioners due to their lack of control on poorly designed curriculum being followed for decades now. Some of the limitations of these include political biases and control, lack of global perspective, over-reliance on testing memory on facts and poor textbook content produced. These are very acute problems and require attention to train the smart global citizens of tomorrow. The Open Curriculum Project (OCP) is a unique initiative in addressing a few of the major problems of K-12 education across the world today, by using a free and open source web-based learning curriculum solution for K-12 schools globally. It is an end-user (school administrators, teachers and students) targeted solution which aims to enable delivery of excellent school course content by means of the best education and information design practices.