Education Without Borders 2015

EWB 2007

The 2007 Education Without Borders conference brought together some 1000 students from over 100 countries to the United Arab Emirates, to engage in active discussion with distinguished experts about the pressing challenges facing the world today.

Under the conference banner Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges, the student delegates were encouraged not only to discuss these issues, but propose and act on creative solutions.

That over 320 papers were submitted to the conference clearly demonstrates that the students of today are ready and willing to rise to these challenges. Papers were submitted by students from every continent, with each bringing enthusiasm and creative ideas to present to the world community. The potential that was nutured at Education Without Borders is exemplified in the 36 best student papers. These were all delivered by their authors at EWB 2007 and are presented in this volume of conference proceedings, along with summaries of the invited presentations.

Global education, and the spread of ideas through technology, has the potential to bring people closer and contribute to human development throughout the world. Through EWB, the youth of today ably demonstrate they are willing to work together to accomplish global goals.

EWB 2007 Proceedings